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Investors Relationships Web Portal for Asset Management

An institutional grade web-based reporting portal that helps to satisfy the increasingly heavy demands of investors for access to investment and portfolio-related information.

Key features:

Secure web portal allows investors and potential investors to download privileged documents

Comprehensive portfolio analysis including fund performance, portfolio exposures, benchmarks analysis, NAV, etc.

Streamline marketing process by qualifying prospects online and provide access to materials over the web

Cloud infrastructure provides a dynamic way to showcase your data to current and potential investors

Excel Business Solutions

ThetaTec provide Excel consulting services with database programming, Excel VBA automation, data mining, time series forecasting, financial and business modeling. Our solution consultant with more than 10 years professional experience in financial industry.

Service include:

Spreadsheet and Database Design
Advance Excel VBA Programming
Database Programming
Business Reporting Automation
Data Mining and Forecasting
Data Integration & Cleansing
Financial Modelling


Mobile and More

Our super cloud architecture enable data access anywhere and anytime